Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog and Revenues export

More than 9000 hits per month on our internet site and more than 7000 on our Japanese site translated by our partners…isn’t it promising?

On the chart for Export companies/region of Aquitaine/Wholesaler and Beverages, chart based on the revenues generated by export sales, Ets Thunevin is number 59 (out of 300 wholesalers in Aquitaine), and this for 2005 which has been the lowest year in terms of revenues in a long time. I bet that in 2006 we will be in the top 40/50, considering the efforts and results by our sales reps in Europe, Japon and especially the USA.

Besides the pleasure of seeing the company I founded at this level in this chart; it is frustrating for me to see that we are still being excluded from distributing a few top châteaux in Bordeaux. This is most likely due to a lack of understanding how dynamic our company is. Sure enough, a few châteaux and brokers only see my company as a small entity only able to sell a few wines called “Garage” and don’t have any idea that our sales put us in the top 30 best wholesalers in the business!

Gentlemen brokers, don’t become like some of our colleagues, only distributors but think of being prescribers. In any case, Vive Bordeaux wholesalers and the statistics from the French customs which show the work done by our profession in bringing great bottles to the world.

As long as I think of it, yesterday, I tasted (and drank) our first cuvee if 06 post malo at La Dominique, 100% Merlot ripe and full, only pleasure…Hard to spit, almost too good…but as a French expression says, “a swallow doesn’t make the Spring”, we will see with other batches.

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