Friday, November 24, 2006

And today

Thursday, November 23, 2006

This morning, lawyers, accoutants and auditors are in the office with Annie Veyssiere to prepare and fine tune our balance sheet (01/09/2005 au 31/08/2006).
This afternoon, I leave for Paris to participate to the “Grand Tasting” in the Carrousel du Louvre. We will meet with jean-Roger and Marie Calvet and our friends. We will be part of the important panel of professionals attending this event.
At the same time, a big Bordeaux négociant and his sales team will be visiting the Château La Dominique to assess the quality of the wine, the equipment and the people.
Yesterday in the INSEEC, in front of the students of the Bordeaux International Wine Institute ( bac + 3), I had to speak for around 3 hours, of everything… and nothing regarding the world of wine (at least in my opinion), and this with no glass of water. Fortunately, François and Laurent invited me to the Bistro du Sommelier and drank some San Pellegrino, and in addition a beautiful bottle of Tour Carnet 2001 (35 euros, what a deal) and blind a surprisingly good Château Margaux 1984 on which I wouldn’t have bet a kopek and that we enjoyed (especially of you think about this sad vintage, but this cru was still well rated by Parker with 87/100).

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