Friday, August 17, 2012

Nice weather and nice bottles

The veraison is going well, the sun is with us and boosts our morale even if it damaged and burned a few clusters being exposed by a few leaves recently removed, probably too severely. It does give us a good way to predict the harvest which will most likely start a little later and with lowered our yields. We still have 45 days to wait to find out what is this vintage 2012 will be as well as the new classification of Saint-Emilion 2012.

I drank with friends Petit Taluos 2011, good, fun wine, Syrah aromas and sweet fruit, at a very sweet price.

The top wine Taluos 2010 is closer to a classic Bordeaux than a Cabardès, Eric asked me what I thought. It took me two days to realize this, too reserved, too much like a classic Bordeaux, not enough of a “crazy”' Cabardès like the second wine, however, a good wine to taste again in 2 or 3 years as the previous 2000 vintages are very good now, this wine is perhaps simply closed.

In the same meal Croix de Labrie 2009 very high level, a very fine bottle, really.

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