Friday, August 3, 2012

James Suckling and 2009 Bordeaux

James Suckling reviewed again the 2009 in August and thanks to him, we sold some wine in China, Hong Kong, New York and Quebec. I would like to thank our clients and James Suckling who helped our sales in these countries.

He gave high scores to the 2009. It’s been quite a popular vintage, even in our stores in Saint Emilion: sexy, ripe, round and already drinkable have all been factors for its success. Actually, all the comments such as “needs to be cellared for 20 years”, “it is a cellaring wine, you have to wait”, are certainly not worth as much as “taste this! It’s really good! How many bottles do you want?”

Well, back to James Suckling’s notes; he gave, rightly so, 97 points to Valandraud, which I think is the best we’ve done so far, till 2010? In addition, a series of good notes: Virginie de Valandraud with 94, is one of the successes of “seconds” Bordeaux. Bellevue de Tayac 87, De Carles 92, Fleur Cardinale 93, Secret de Cardinale 94, Franc Maillet Jean Baptiste 93, Gracia 94, Haut Castenet 89, Haut Mazeris 92, Sansonnet 93, Vieux Brandard 92, Clos Badon Thunevin 92, Clos Romanile 93, Galaxies 2 Romanile 91, Sabines 92, Domaine Virginie Thunevin 91, Bad Boy 93, Haut Carles 91, Guilbonnerie 90, Clos du beau Père 93, etc… This should give plenty of amo to help boost sales of our wines as well as those of our friends.

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