Friday, August 3, 2012

Cheval Blanc visit

Florence and I went to Cheval Blanc to accompany a Welsh architect and her husband who wanted to visit the new cellar. It has been attracting a great deal of visitors for its aesthetics and its design appeals to various kinds of people, not just wine lovers, but also people interested in art and culture, who may find through this way interest in Cheval Blanc. This is relevant for all of us.

The cellar is already more than a year old and ages very well. The vegetation on the roof is remarkable, the sun softened the colors of material, the place is impressive and the vinification cellars still aesthetic, especially the barrel cellar, which has the perfect condition: AC, humidity, aromas, the best.

At Valandraud, our “hotel” venture is starting to work thanks to reservation websites, word of mouth from customers who already experienced the place and customer from our list, friends, acquaintances, neighbors. Our rates are very reasonable for the services offered. Along with our wine shops, this is growing to become a significant part of our business.

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Steve said...

Under the influence of "Bottle Shock" still... and this post has definite echoes from the film.

"Chevel Blanc '47 - the best wine ever made."

This is relevant for all of us.
"If one of us wins, we all win"

Still far prefer Bordeaux to Napa. :-)