Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Salon RVF au Palais Brongniart

We were locaged at the entrance, and we able to see many people, friends, lovers, industry professionals, some journalists, people presenting new projects, publicists ... In other words, a trade show!
There probably was a bit less attendance than last year, but I didn’t count.
Perhaps because of the limited invitations available to exhibitors? The nice weather? The crisis? The choice of date?
The place is certainly magical and the organization is top notch, sure it's a bit expensive if you do it alone, but as a group, as us, is certainly the best.

This is the 2nd time we sell wine directly at our table, taking orders immediately for future deliveries. This reinforces the relationship with some of our loyal customers from Belgium, Brittany, Koreans living in Paris.
Let’s meet in the next trade shows: the Carrousel du Louvre and prior, of course, Vinexpo.

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