Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saint Emilions Grands Crus

I should spend my days in the streets of Saint Emilion where I have the opportunity to meet many people... For instance, at noon, I ran into the president of the cooperative, Mr Jean Francois Danglade with Michel Saurue. We talked about expending the services of the producers’ union (wine cooperative) with a sort of Californian Winery style segment. Michel said that it’s already the case... I still have lots to catch up, I tell you!

So why not allow small growers to produce better wines (Saint Emilion Grand Cru) while respecting the existing rules, etc...

Further, I ran into some colleagues leaving the trade union meeting which focused on Grand Crus, how to make better, quality improvement while keeping a “normal” price, 2 more winemakers interested in the 2010 campaign (Mangot , Pipeau), and even further a friend driving by stopped to tell me about an upcoming fine meal. On the way home, the wine shops are ready for the tourist season.
And that's the point of walking from the office to home.

On the Internet I read a report on the Cannes Film Festival and Jodie Foster’s last movie “The beaver” I though this movie was more or less about sex, but no, it darker, more intellectual, a film about depression. Anyway I like Jodie Foster, who, according to Christian Dalbavie also likes Clos Badon.

Last night Murielle and I drank Hacienda Monasterio 2005 Ribera Del Duero, just for fun, for we didn’t do any excesses in Paris, I just wanted to drink good wine, and it is a good wine. Sold for around 40 euros in Spain and the USA signed Sisseck Peter, I still have 4 or 5 bottles (yum!)

Futures 2010 (as of May 16, we sold 19,452 bottles)
It is starting slowly. We’ve had some good sales with additional demand which we couldn’t fulfill entirely, La Mauriane, Mont Perat red, and we have swift demand for Gazin but we do not have any allocation from the chateau, so like everyone else we must buy them from our colleagues in Bordeaux or the UK!

We still don’t do a good job with Sauterne and of course, we still miss too many good brands. It is the cost of fame in part due to Valandraud but also certainly my inability to play golf

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