Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pomerol - Saint Emilion - Union - same battles

Meeting at Pomerol’s trade organization, the room was full: the subject was indeed important, the new rules for the appellation.
I respect the leaders of our unions who are volunteers, able to hear every time some of the grumpy members with a smile and having the energy to pull everyone else, including me, of course. Useful meeting thank to some of the good ideas brought up, including some of the criticisms, when they are constructive, and some of the more useful questions: for example, planting densities, the number of clusters, allow time to time …

I read in the letter in a large brokerage firm, a piece about the new Bordeaux Futures 2010 campaign:
"Even though the reasons for such serenity may well be legitimate, it is likely that there also lies the biggest gamble” .... (The word probability seems to me more appropriate). ... "to see this campaign completely miss its promises. Indeed, the success of the 2010 futures campaign mainly depends on the ability of Bordeaux wholesalers to avoid "sinning by excess": the foundation upon which today's market for cru is built on is certainly less stable than it seems.
First of all, it seems very risky to rely solely on the strength of the Chinese market in order to expect a very good 2010 campaign."

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