Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A wedding, a funeral, 3 orphans… and 2010

First of all : I am saddened by the death Monsieur Thierry Manoncourt, owner of Château Figeac, at almost 93 years old. His funeral took place on Monday at 2:30 pm in the church of Saint Emilion. My sincere condolences to his family.

Joy : wedding of Marie A., Pierre’s daughter. I was a witness for his wedding with Sylviane. it was the opportunity to receive several members of his family, who I hadn’t seen for more than 20 years. Our house was turned into a dormitory. All the rooms were occupied and our newly weds left for 15 days to the Ile Maurice.

Fabrice, Fabienne and their 2 daughters spent the day with us. After lunch, we walked around Saint Emilion and visited the caves of Ferrand, always astonishing. We then passed by our orchard to pick plums, hazelnuts, apples as well as a few white grapes and also visited Virgnie’s animals: horses, female donkey with her foal, the brocket, the goat and 3 little puppies I picked up the day before in Fongaban: abandoned and looking to be saved, as long as you walk by the small trail along Pavie Macquin… and have Virginie ready to take care of this cute little family.
It is the 2nd time that I find puppies abandoned in the month of August. The last time was in Maury with Martine and Jean-Paul, and Virginie had already helped find homes for these 2 puppies.

I am always reluctant to talk about the coming vintage. The harvest will start any day for the whites and the reds in a couple of weeks, but it the weather continues with cool nights and plenty of sunshine during the day, it will be a great vintage! Another one, will say the skeptics, unbelievers, the jealous… Great vintages in Bordeaux, are they a positive effect from global warming?

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