Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Petrus 1961

Christian Dalbavie asked me to find at least 6 bottles of Petrus 1961 for one of his American clients.
I could only find a magnum of Petrus 1961 from a reliable source, the sales rep and broker have a legitimate business and are very professional, so no risk to get a fake.
I already stopped several years ago to trade in old wine as it is a dangerous area, mined with many fakes and the risk of being held liable. It is too much of a financial risk…
Too bad if I loose some business, but I prefer to avoid the pitfalls of these old fake fine wines and leave this business to specialists and collectors. However, if by any chance you know anyone with 6 or more authentic bottles of this wine, no problem, I accept to do my job with pleasure (and caution!)

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