Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday, August 26

I was at the office until 10 am and had a visit from a prospect, a young wine importer from Hong Kong. This Chinese man was happy to be able to communicate easily thanks to Xin. We tasted at Valandraud the 2009 vintage and a few of our other wines at L’Essentiel.

For lunch, we ate at the Comptoir de Saint Genès with Florence and Dominique Decoster to talk about our wines, the upcoming harvest, while drinking a good draft beer : the temperature this last Thursday was close to 38º C (100º F) and encouraged us to drink cool and light beverages.

In the afternoon, I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist in Castillon, cool. Following, I passed by Valandraud to see the progress of Paul’s work around the pool, Suleiman whitewashing the cellar, and visited the Clos du Beau Père in Pomerol for some work to be done in the fermentation and aging cellars. Then I quickly went around my vineyards to see how my vines are holding up in this year of drought (less than in 2003, closer to 2005?)

My lawyer called me urgently on my cell phone.
He is in Saint Emilion with one of my friend and colleague, back from a trip, I don’t know where, and it is hot… A glass of water, a Jacquesson 733, winey and original, more champagne for a meal than as an aperitif.
My lawyer thanked me for not writing about him on my blog… Never tell me such a thing. If the next time he doesn't want me to mention him, too bad, he could lose a few clients

In the evening, I took a stroll in the vineyards of Fongaban with Axelle and my dog Max: it was like a sauna. Fortunately, there are a few blackberries and hazelnuts to be picked.

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