Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 harvest

Pavie, Fongaban and Macquin, the 3 puppies abandoned, called this way by Virginie, were adopted by friends my daughter found.

In the last issue of Cuisine et Vins de France, special selection for Haut Carles, Haut Mazeris and Domaine des Sabines. This printed a large run for this special wine issue and special Fall wine promotion…

In the latest edition from Parker on wines less than 20 Euros, in addition to de Carles, Haut Mazeris and Bad Boy, there is an incredible and superb comment on Calvet-Thunevin Cuvée Constance, produced by our property in the Roussillon. Thank you our customers in Germany, Switzerland and the U.S. who are good and loyal customers!

And for your information, the beginning of the 2010 harvest will be the same as 2009: around September 16 for plants (young vines) and September 20 for the early and warm terroirs in the plain.

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