Friday, August 27, 2010

Mauvais petit garçon : Spare the rod and spoil the child ?

This is not really a right of reply, but hey, I am only reacting to a comment made on Baby Bad Boy by a demanding and rebellious young man (permanent ?)

1/ Merlot noir
Merlot blanc does exist. 176 hectares (435 acres) Still exist, if I believe Wikipedia. I saw a few vine stocks in my property of Badon in Saint Emilion.
There are no merlot rosé except by bleeding or direct pressing.

2/ Different varietals, but where ?
Domaine de Trevallon
a/ I quote Michel Bettane or Thierry Desseauve : Trevallon was denied the appellation for their vineyard has too many Cabernet Sauvignons (forbidden by regulations). Nevertheless, it remains a highly regarded cru from Provence, etc… 2 stars in the RVF guide in 2009.
b/ Hervé Bizeul’s Cabernet Francs are not anything either, and yet it's hot in the Roussillon.

3/ My name is indecent and should be forbidden. It contains thune (slang for money) and vin (wine). Should I request a name change?

4/ 75 hecto/hectare (4.17 tons per acre), is not the style of the house, but why not if it is good ? As it is allowed in the new Vin de France category. In our case, 50 hecto/hectare (2.8 tons/acre) in Bordeaux and less than 30 (1.67) in the Roussillon and the possibility to increase the value of hard to sell wines, thanks to marketing (a bad word, perhaps…)

5/ 10 Euros retail is, in fact, already a sum : 6500 old Francs. I don’t know how to count in old pennies…
The least expensive wines sold by my wholesale business are being offered for 6 Euros (including VAT) in my retail stores in Saint Emilion. And they are very good, in my opinion, of course… No one is obliged to buy some and often, customers have the opportunity to taste what they buy.

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