Wednesday, October 29, 2008

USA: end of the trip!... are the 2008 harvest the latest of the century?

I am finally back in Saint Emilion !
This trip lasted more than 15 days and finished in the cities of Boston and Portland: our main distributor was, for us, the crowning piece and the promises made to Christian were up to his hopes!
As usual, we had meals with customers, visited retailers, restaurants and fine hotels. In our last days of travel, we were received warmly in these states where few stars in the wine world spend time visiting. Therefore, our clients are not as blasé like in New York…
Our wines were well received and most person we met told me so and confirmed by sizeable orders!
I spoke about the new wave in Bordeaux, of course, I also spoke about garage and the Roussillon. As I did my presentations with humor, fun, I am, as well as our wines, perceived differently than my traditional colleagues: I added to the words heritage, terroir, finesse, the words creation, work and gourmandise!
In Portland, we were received like royalty in the grand hotel where a dinner was prepared by the chef. He achieved a fine paring between food and wine with great talent. Thank you.
Sunday, for lunch, I had a lobster roll and Christian a big and bright red lobster in a local restaurant recommended by the double of Aymar. We regretted to leave so soon (fresh lobster is sold for 4 Dollar a pound in local stores)…
Murielle and I will be back next year and will be introducing “Bad Girl”!

Spending each day in planes or airports isn’t very exciting, but during each trip I make, I feel that there is great improvement in regards to promoting our wines and the Chateaux I consult for. This time, we spoke about La Dominique, Clément Pichon, Commanderie de Mazeyres, Marojallia, Fleur Cardinale, Carles and Haut Mazeris. We also had the opportunity to present our wines from the Roussillon and even our Maury which was very well received, when one takes the time to present it!

In conclusion, as soon as we got back, several serious orders were received and we didn’t encounter any problems caused by the financial crisis as our prices and our wines are not meant for investments (including Valandraud) but instead enjoyed with a group of friends during a meal, or a lover or even for a business lunch!
Sales reps I met told me that they had a good time representing the wines I sell. I can say that it was a great pleasure for me to meet them and felt their enthusiasm. It gives me great confidence in the future, especially if we succeed with the 2008 harvest!

Speaking about the harvest…
The leaves held up and the grapes are tasty (I tasted some last night for dinner). Too bad for pessimists, 2008 will be good for us!
The Merlots from Bel Air Ouÿ (north side) were finished yesterday and the Cabernets Sauvignons from Haut Mazeris (Fronsac) as well.
In Valandraud, we still have the Cabernets Sauvignons from the plateau, as well as the Carmeneres.

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