Thursday, October 16, 2008


We arrived in Dallas Texas on Monday. I still felt incredible jetlag accumulated between France and China. I don’t really know what time it is?

As soon as we arrived, we had a serious tasting with our good…very good distributor for Texas. They carry a wide range of wines from our portfolio including Calvet-Thunevin Constance and Hugo, Baby del Rey, Cazal de Roque, the wines from Fezas Chiroulet with the whites, the Vin de Bob from Bergerac, Haut Carles and Château de Carles, Lalande Couturier, Bel Air Ouÿ, Valandraud red and white, Franc Maillet and Commanderie de Mazeyres from Pomerol.
The tasting organized for their sales team went well and no one mentioned the financial crisis. Instead they were looking forward to placing these wines in the best restaurant, wine stores, etc.
Texas is wealthy, but the passion and eagerness of the employees of this distributor with such positive attitude are what is often missing in Bordeaux, at least in the world of the wine.

We had dinner in a steakhouse which served quality meat. Their wine list were as impressive as La Tour d’Argent in Paris with wines like Ausone 1900, Cheval Blanc 1900 1947, Mouton Rotschild 1945, etc… And they sell more than 30,000 bottles per year! 3 vintages of Valandraud and Calvet-Thunevin are already listed and probably Commanderie de Mazeyres and Haut Carles will be added. My American hosts had sympathy for me and I was able to go to bed at 10 pm, and by 10:05 I was sleeping like a baby.

One more thing, we drank a Dominus 99, all in finesse and very Bordeaux like and a Cluzel Roche Grande Place 2005, shut tight?

Nous sommes à Dallas dans le Texas avec pour moi un gros décalage horaire, l’accumulation de celui de la France avec celui de la Chine. Je ne sais plus très bien quelle heure il est ?

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