Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A full day Friday

Event though I didn’t get much sleep due to jetlag from my Chinese trip and the excitement of catching up on all my work, I spent Friday with 5 Russians shooting a film to be broadcasted at the end of the year on Russia’s 1st TV channel. Murielle, Valandraud and I will be the main focus of this documentary!? The day started at 8:30 am and ended at 9:30 pm. I went to bed in no time for a welcome sleep.

The team was very professional and will most likely produce and very nice film. Hopefully, it will help increase the visibility and notoriety of my wines and customers (La Dominique, Fleur Cardinale, Haut Carles…)
In the meantime, we drank for lunch:
Valandraud Blanc N°1 2004, really good
Valandraud 1998, excellent, in its peak, almost with a decadent palate, as some classic integrists would say, too sexy… (a swear word exists in French starting with p…). In anycase, a real pleasure.
Valandraud 2000, corked (thanks to Amorin), poured it down the drain.
It wasn’t much to drink for 7 people, so I got a bottle of Petrus 1998 from my cellar. It wasn’t meant to compare but to please and honor my guests. Petrus is always a winner! The wine was beautiful, holding back and an insolent youthfulness. This wine was produced with a specific objective : duration and restrain.
Murielle, “our” Russians and I drank this wine to the last drop and the bottle was properly filmed during 10 minutes! Vive Petrus!

In the evening, after a long day of shooting, harvest, cellar, fall landscape, a wine with an evocative name was served. Only one wine, but in a double magnum. It was La Petite Sibérie 2001. One the favorite wines of our translator and friend. Here too, the bottle was easily finished, with pleasure and certainly too young… well, it was for an appropriate occasion…

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