Friday, October 31, 2008

Late harvest

Yesterday was blackout day for my blog to show my support to the freedom of communication, at least on the internet.

Wednesday morning, in L’Essentiel, a blind tasting was organized for our Austrian friends. They are used to this type of fine wine tasting, done half-blind. At the same time, Jean Edouard Tribaudeau had the visit of one of his teacher from the Purpan school, who found me a bit excited… which is usually true and even more these days with all the various jetlags I still have to recover from.

The same Wednesday morning, we also had he visit from a photographer from Objectif Aquitaine, a nice person, and especially Pascal Rabillet, who had a few questions for me, some usual, others a bit more personal. I am always “touched” by the capacity of some journalists and surprised by my ability to still answer with “truth”.
In the afternoon, I had a meeting to discuss the new “ad” for La Dominique. For the first time, we called a professional photographer, Pierre Grenet from Astoria Studio in Bordeaux. The goal being to improve and at least be more visible in the press. The picture will take more space than the text for there is already so much information around: paper, net, radio, etc…

Just as a little joke, a journalist from France Culture wanted to invite me to participate to a program broadcasted live in Paris to confront 2 different generations on the same subject. She didn’t know if I was the “young” or the “old” one she needed for her program. I found it amusing.

I forgot to mention that we drank, with Pascal, a bottle of 3 Marie 2005: totally seductive, rich, of course, very rich, which is at least what should be expected from an expensive wine, but, in addition with more complexity, long, tannins and wood barely noticeable. A great bottle which will do well in blind tastings against its more expensive peers from Australia, the US, Spain, etc… Pascal sent us a telling picture after the tasting but I will keep it for us. The picture even looks blur!

The next day at noon, I stopped by the Clos du Roy to meet up with Jennifer and her guests who were having lunch, and just had a coffee. The 28 Euros menu looked good and creative, and the wine had a nice label… Well, you might think that I just spend my time drinking and eating, but even this time with coffee and a glass of wine, I was working. There is nothing against joigning work and pleasure.

The evening was also work and play. I attended the 50th birthday of a friend. More than 80 people were invited to share the buffet of this fun party. One of the guests mentioned the book of Pierre-Marie Doutrelant “Les bons vins et les autres” – the good wines and others (published by Seuil in 1976 and still available on eBay and in a few good bookstore specialized in ancient books). I was surprised that he knew this book which is still one the good books on wine and particularly on Saint Emilion (it features the top of the town, the bottom, the church, etc…)

While on my way home, not too late, I could almost have stopped by the truck stop La Puce in Bigaroux, where our gerbebaude was organized by Christophe for all the people who participated in the harvest of this late 2008 vintage.
The harvest is late for our team of full time pickers is currently harvesting the Cabernets Sauvignons from the plateau of Bel Air, near Fleur Cardinale who are also still not finished.
The rules for this game is to be the last one… logically, our Carmeneres are holding up and improve day after day, and should be the last one. But who knows!

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