Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charlottesville & Washington…

Sunday, we attended 2 tasting/meals, the 1st at Tastings, the 2nd in the Relais & Chateau Clifton. 2 good meals, prepared for a small group, less than 20 guests, gave the opportunity to taste and drink my wines with a meal and convince our guests to buy the range. Mission accomplished. I am now convinced that Bordeaux “Nouvelle vague” have a real place in the US, thanks in part to the strength of the French diasporas (who has been a bit abandoned) in the restaurant scene and wine industry.
Wine brings cultures together in a friendly atmosphere and the roots of vines remind us of the terroir, the country. Wine facilitates human contact, conversation and friendship.

Monday, we drove to Washington DC. A change from the countryside. We attended a lunch function at Michel Richard’s Central Bistro. This place is up to par with the best brasseries in Paris or Bordeaux.
Tuna and salmon Carpaccio served with an incredible seasoning, steak with unbelievable fries and vanilla crème brulée, served for a selection of Didier’s best customers. The choice of place and guests was top, sommeliers, restaurateurs or owners of wine shops. Even the famous wine critic of the Washington Post, Ben Giliberti attended. And especially our (Murielle and I) best ambassador, the 1st and very famous Mark Salter, from the restaurant Citronelle, who gives the tone concerning the credibility of any wine, as much in Washington DC than in Texas. Mark is part of the tasting comity for the magazine Tasted, along with Andreas Larsson.

In the evening, we attended a very fancy event (suit and tie mandatory) in the very old Metropolitan Club (1863), where Christian and I stayed and where my wines were served during a meal prepared by a French chef for only 50 guests (20 more were on the waiting list).
This time our Calvet-Thunevin Hugo and Maury were included as well as Commanderie de Mazeyres and de Carles. At 7pm, we did a little show for 50 people in a salon where several stars winemakers had already been. I was in good spirit and entertained the crowd with jokes making them laugh. Our guests were of the highest standing including lawyers, lobbyists, wealthy entrepreneurs, etc. I always meet one or two who tell me that they are friends of Jean-Michel Caze and Lynch Bages. I still have a long way before being at his level, and if Bordeaux could line up 50 Jean-Michel Cazes, it would certainly benefit all of us!

The organization and meal, which followed at 8 pm in this very exclusive Metropolitan Club, was made possible thanks to l’Essentiel in Saint Emilion where Carlos developed a good relationship with our host who was seduced by our Calvet-Thunevin 2001 or 2002 he tasted in Aspen. The wines of Roussillon opened the door to Bordeaux. This is an additional and positive sign for people who prefer openness instead of staying in their little world as well as for our distributor Eric Solomon who helped making these wines available.

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