Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Wines of the stars

Yesterday on Canal + (private French TV channel), Christophe Lambert and Arthur were guests on Michel Denisot's show. The host presented 4 wines, blind, with the help of several celebrities from show business (Dylan, de Turckheim, Trintignant et Lambert).
Christophe Lambert is currently working with our friend Jean Guyon from Rollan de By and Haut Condissas to develop a wine called Tour Séran. Each wine was tasted by Arthur. He was only able to know the name of the owner, but not the name of the wine. Talk about freedom of expression in our beautiful country of France where you are not allowed to give the name of a wine tasted blind as it could be viewed as disguised advertising… The purpose of this tasting was not intended to respect the Loi Evin which forbids ads for alcoholic beverages on TV or billboards. In any case, one had to be aware of the collaboration between Christophe Lambert, Jean Guyon and Tour Séran to understand.

Yesterday again, this time at the office, we tasted the Présidial and Lalande-Couturier 2005: These wines are simply good and able to seduce our customers looking for good Bordeaux at a reasonable price. Vive the 2005 vintage which produced wines on the fruit powerful and balanced.

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