Monday, December 11, 2006

End of the Year

Saturday evening (December 9) the end of the year dinner celebration of the Fayat Travaux company took place at the Maison des Vins of Beychac and Caillau: more than 200 persons attended, with a mix of new and old employees. Managers and executives were boasting about young employees formed in the company and the faithfulness of the staff (some have been there for more than 30 years).
Sunday (gone so fast), Karl and Axelle enjoyed the Christmas market in Saint Emilion: merry-go-round, poney, cotton candy and Santa Claus (a fake one…according to Axelle who claims she knows). We also had the surprised visit from friends, Martine and Daniel Quellier who set up traditional bakeries in Morocco and especially in Ukraine (it is harder to sell wine there).

Financial results: period from 09/01/2005 to 08/31/2006
Revenues 13 383 658 euros ( 7 507 565 euros on 08/31/2005)
Total revenue 26 494 677 euros
Debt 6 072 963 euros
Stock 10 127 655 euros
Expenses export development 69 548 euros
Salaries full time (30) and seasonal (around 50) : 1 406 059 euros
And in the series "Valandraud chez les stars", after Elton John and Tom Jones, it is now Abba. For an ex-DJ, it is a minimum to spend a good evening.

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