Friday, December 1, 2006

The Constance effect

Yesterday, one of our friends found (I don’t know how !) on the internet site of one of our American distributors comments on the Cuvée Constance 2004 from Calvet-Thunevin and these comments were simply terrific.
A young lady drank this cuvee with her fiancé and had one of the best amorous nights of her life. This started a chain reaction with comments such as “I will buy 4 cases for my husband” to a point where the merchant had to post “Out of stock”!
As a matter of fact, there is none left…you will have to wait for the 2005 and use Viagra or another product not as glamorous… Vive les USA where one can say with humor that they had pleasure before and after drinking a good bottle of wine, which is the best publicity we can get after ratings from journalists.
Other than that, with the Jean-Roger Calvet’s team and our bankers from the BNP, we drank a Virginie 1999 and a very good wine from the Roussillon.

Today, we are invited for lunch by Alain Vaultier with a very famous winemaker from Burgundy Mr. Bernard Noblet, a cellar master who received us, with Patrick Essa, very well at the Domaine de La Romanée Conti.
Back at the office at 3 pm. So, 11 person around the table with (and for) Bernard Noblet, Alain offered a Clos des Fées 2004 all in smoothness and a bottle of Ausone 2003, perfect. I hope that our friend from Burgundy appreciated this pleasant moment of friendliness as much as we did.

Tomorrow, another meal in our house with the first employees of Clément Fayat and, of course, Murielle’s father who is our link to this great man. This meal, organized by Murielle, will also link his personal history to the Groupe Fayat which will celebrate its 50th anniversary with today more than 10 000 employees and which became one of the most remarkable success stories in France.

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