Thursday, December 7, 2006

Visit of Mr Tanaka

Yesterday, we had a private dinner at Laurent in Paris (2 stars Michelin and 3 in the Bottin Gourmand). Under the supervision of Philippe Bourgignon, we received the full palace service, Paris style: pleasant and friendly, able to even put at ease the shyest of guest.
After a dream tasting which I will qualify with one word: professionalism, and the confirmation of what we already knew, simply a beautiful holiday meal, a good omen for future feasts.
For openers: King Crab in Aspic and cream of fennel. The dishes that followed didn’t prevent me from catching the 3:15 pm TGV to Libourne.
As soon as I arrived, dinner at home with Mr. Tanaka who wanted to know my opinion about the new Saint Emilion classification. I always surprise people when I say that this classification is great in its modernity, and even if I think it could be improved, I accept it 100%. Isn’t the fact that it gets revised regularly and the deserving properties promoted, the way to move forward? In any case, a great evening with pertinent questions, and even though we had to do complex translations, we understood each other fully. For desert, Quadrature de la Coume del Mas 2001 served with a chocolate cake which ended our evening in symbiosis, until our next trip to Japan in February.

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