Friday, September 14, 2012

Valandraud classified

On my Facebook page, nearly 400 people have "liked" it and nearly 150 have commented favorably on our new status.
Reading media sites, blogs, I found a lot of positive comments, a small number quite negative, almost insignificant amount, but useful to me because if my wines and I pleased everyone, it would mean that we would have become old and I am not ready for that yet!
I received a lot of texting on my cell phone, emails at my office and of course congratulations on the street, at home and on the phone. My thoughts go to all those who helped us and God knows how many: Boussarie, Lebailly, Lelièvre, Rolland, Alain… and many more, colleagues today, consultants, enologists, employees, friends. One even told me that I had finally resolved my existentialist anxieties: Valandraud engraved in a marble plaque, is that an analogy, humor shared by the passing of time, in any case, a friendly message.

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