Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Readings and punishments

We are now getting in the period when all the 2013 guides are coming out: RVF, Bettane & Desseauve, Hachette, etc…
Difficult to renew ourselves, as in the Michelin, only 10% of the wines change (good or bad), it depends on the work of producers and changes in the editorial team: such critics or journalist, prefer modern wine (which is rare these days) or “natural” (which is more common, especially in the RVF). Nice heated exchange concerning Hervé Bizeul’s choice (Clos des Fées) of no longer wanting to be in the guide RVF. Various blogs, including Hervé’s, the Grand Jury, La Passion du Vin also give their opinion, pros or cons, about his choice.
It reminds me that I too have made this choice in the past, not to submit my wine to some guides. It was only to prevent these guides to taste a “garage” wine with no terroir or pedigree, too rich and too powerful, where an expensive wine didn’t fit their criteria, except, of course, for my “dear” Valandraud. I even refused to submit to several magazines and important journalists, knowing that my wines were not their “cup of tea”. Getting older has made me more “tolerant”, assuming that when my wine is being caricatured, when it is ranked and noted badly, it will show and if others like my wine, well, it will be the readers’ choice whether to buy the book or the wine!
It does bring up an important question: Should one participate in an exam you’re certain to fail, especially if the rules and rating criteria have changed?
Should one be masochist instead of pragmatic?

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