Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday, April 3

Many visitors stopped by. As expected, well-known, rare and expensive wines were popular, for example, we used 5 bottles for those versus 1 for less famous properties or even for wines the owner himself was not present!

Many Americans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, Swiss, German and French visitors stopped by that day; all in a good atmosphere despite the gloomy weather. More journalists came to taste including Tim Takin, Neal Martin..., bankers, coopers and other colleagues were among the visitors and as long as they didn’t interfere with buyers and journalists, it was OK.

In the evening, 100 points dinner.
Pata Negra and Valandraud Blanc 2009, our whites are a real success. We tasted blind, famous, rare, 100 points, mythical cuvees, with truffle omelet: Thorevilos Abreu 2002 Napa Valley, California, big and powerful, what a wine! Valandraud 2002 which is currently showing well, dixit James Suckling...
Following, sirloin with sautéed potatoes, one of my favorite wines in the world, Sine Qua Non “Against the Wall” 1996 Grenache based with a small amount of Syrah, what a wine, such pleasure, black olives, is drinks without fatigue, called the magnum. We paired it with Valandraud 1996 which is currently showing like a very fine wine. Thank you Jean Marc Quarin to have predicted it 15 years ago! I would like to remind you that 1996 was great in the Médoc, long live Cabernet Franc

After, at the “general” request from one of our friends born that year, still blind, everyone guessed the decade, but not the year: 1968 Biondisanti Brunello di Montalcino still vibrant, white pepper, historical interest more often than pleasure as common with old wines.
My friend Francois Audouze would say I don’t understand, I am not educated, and I would respond that I prefer the taste of his daughter!

To get in shape and end this meal, we had a drop of Armagnac 1979 from the Fezas family.

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