Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Revue du Vin de France published their notes on 2011 Bordeaux and only 235 chateaux were reviewed and noted until the June issue.
I recommend buying this issue which will without a doubt become a “collectible” as I really had a fun and enjoyed reading this special on 2011 Bordeaux. It will certainly become a reference for communications and trade students or even for a thesis on humor in the wine industry. Wine critics are also occasionally journalists and able to make us say surprising comments

As for comments and notes, thank you Antoine Gerbelle for the following:
“Chateau Valandraud : 16.5-17.5/20
It has a beautiful finesse and delicacy, with none of the sophisticated sweetness from over ripe fruit which we didn’t care much for in this wine. It has a “raw” side," a tonic frankness we were not familiar with. And at the same time, a brilliance that fans of the Thunevin couple will love. Hats off!

Also surprising, the test results from opened and decanted wines. I will try; maybe this is the Audouze method?

Then Michel Rolland added a layer to his book - which I found too short – Hurrah for interviews!

Soon, we will be at the Palais Brogniart on June 2 and 3 for the RVF show.

We enjoyed during our meal La Fleur Morange, noted 96+ by Parker which really deserves it: the wine benefits from being opened or decanted, and a 2009 Clos Badon which is also an amazing bottle, long live 2009

Presentation and traditional lunch at Chateau Pape Clement for Bordeaux trade and brokers last Friday: The 2011 tasted better than a month ago and I particularly liked Magrez Fombrauge and Fombrauge.
The atmosphere was friendly and the food one of the best offered in Bordeaux, supervised by Francis Garcia, who opened in Bordeaux a B&B with 3 rooms (Villa Cosy). Work is, for Francis, like a hobby.
I would like to thank Bernard Magrez and his family for everything they’ve done.

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