Monday, April 2, 2012

Journalists and critics

We already saw Anthony Gerbelle, who was the 1st to taste our wines as well as Robert Parker and currently James Molesworth.

Following, were Michael Schuster on Thursday, Izak Litwar and Niko Dukan on Friday. Saturday, the actual beginning of the futures tastings got on the way with existing customers, including some big and smaller ones as well as journalists such as Eric Riewer, Louis Havaux, Jean Marc Quarin, James Lawther and James Suckling, and colleagues and friends owners equally famous!

Saturday, we had a good time at home for lunch, proof that the vintage is not so bad, even good since that day a top journalist preferred 2011 to 2008 and 2001!

The meal was prepared by Serge and Murielle:
Fine PataNegra Bellota ham, olive oil from Andrea Franchetti
Scallops, Leeks and truffles
Roast beef and mashed potato
Basque cake from Mr. Lopez

The wines were all served blind, not to trick anyone (for the notes already given were quite similar among critics present but for their differences in style), the wines served were from allocations from my wholesale business:
Pape Clement White and Valandraud Blanc 2006: Two different worlds, Pape Clement modern, mine classic, goes to show!
Beauséjour Duffau Lagarrosse and Valandraud 2005: 2005 have still not improved at this stage. Beauséjour was shut tight and still needs another 10 years minimum?
Mouton Rothschild and 1998 Valandraud: the Valandraud bottle was quite pleasant to drink but a bit too mature. Old bottles of Valandraud have all been bought on the open market and some may have already travelled around the world which affects the wines. The bottle of Mouton was incredibly youthful but unfortunately was slightly corked.
Following, Cheval Blanc and Valandraud 1995: Valandraud was powerful and very young and Cheval Blanc delicate, two very good wines.
In the afternoon, it was the turn of Rene Gabriel and his friends (they must have already tasted 250 wines)
This evening will be water and soup for us for dinner!

Sunday it was the turn of one of our biggest customer and bloggers Miss Vicky, Marilyn as well as our Russian and Ukrainian guests in our houses and our exhibitor friends from Burgundy and Roussillon.

No April fool jokes this year?!

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