Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monday, April 2

James Suckling’s notes just came out. He gave nice ratings to my wines and those of my friends.
1st day before UGC, all of our colleagues exhibitors are ready and in good spirit except Jean Michel Deiss who has an issue with his digestive system, a problem I know, also being affected by gout!

Our wines are showing well and we had a lot of visitors, a few journalists including José Penin, always curious and happy, Georg Drescher, bloggers – Facebook family, including Hélène,,, restaurant friends, Belgian, French, even Bordeaux like our favorite Kinette Gauthier, buyers, more Japanese distributors, Taiwanese, Ukrainian, Americans and the staff of the largest French distributor, a retail chain and even wine stores from St. Emilion.
For lunch, we enjoyed a nice glass from a magnum of Croix de Labrie 2008 and a glass of Lynsolence from our friend Denis Barraud.

For dinner, after tasting a series of Meursault from Buisson Charles, which I enjoyed greatly, we had Valandraud Blanc 2010. Then, blind, we had fun: Smith Haut Lafitte 2009 and Valandraud 2009, 2 different styles, 2 babies full of promises, what a great vintage!
Following, I did again the trick with magnums served in 2 different carafes. This time: Valandraud 2003, everyone guessed both glasses , bravo, it will be tough to do this again soon… The 2003 was remarkable; magnum is really the best format for wine.
After, at the request of Didier, 3 wines, this time everyone had a hard time to guess, except for Gilles L’Interdit de Valandraud 2000 compared to a great bottle of 2000 Leoville Las Cases and the true “incredible” “Thunevin” value Compassant 2004! With dessert, blind, Yquem 2005, a special treat.
For the meal: Pata Negra, omelet with truffles (very good truffles), leg of lamb with flat string beans, brie with truffles, also delightful and to finish: strawberries and raspberries.
The night was short but enjoyable because of the nice notes given by James Suckling.

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