Saturday, February 12, 2011

USA, suite

Tasting with the sales reps of some of my best distributors in New York and Boston, and field work with Christian Dalbavie: the famous restaurants or bistros we vistited bought 2 or 3 of the 6/7 wines shown, proof that Bordeaux is hip again, that our wines are appreciated.

Amongst the brasseries we visited, some serving 300 meals for lunch and 500 for dinner, were Pastis or the very exclusive 21 Club, Corton, Keens Steakhouse, The Lion (with paintings of Basquiat on the wall of the dining room) in New York, and in Boston Harvest, Bistro du Midi and other clients amateurs-fans of “Thunevin” wines.

Sales following the financial crisis fell really low and we are now experiencing the same dynamism as before this crisis. Work and joy of working, of course prices have been revised downwards, less show-off, value for money more in line with Europe’s with service as an added value. The method of remuneration is largely responsible for this energy.

The A-380 aircraft I took on the trip over was really quiet. I don’t understand why Air France doesn’t provide seats with 180 degree recline in business class, the seats can barely recline 160 degrees?
Impeccable return trip from Boston, quality service and we even landed early in Paris. The long-term parking bus in Bordeaux was on time. Goes to show, anything can happen.

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