Friday, February 18, 2011

Advance election campaign

Will there be a new classification in Saint Emilion?
A meeting took place this afternoon at the Saint Emilion trade organization’s office between the head of INAO and our leaders to discuss the new rules defined for the next classification.
I already wrote about it, as well as with many people affected: my colleagues owners, wine merchants, consultants and of course journalists.

As of today, a small number of those considering to apply for this classification are opposed to these new rules being proposed, especially those giving a greater part to wine tasting (quality of the wine) and also choosing a "foreign" committee rather that a committee consisting of wholesalers and industry members from Bordeaux. Another group of opponents would rather keep the same system, jesuitically claiming that it would help avoid new conflicts! Saint Emilion’s priest may have a lot of work hearing confessions of all these sinners (from activities, thoughts, omission, selfishness) reluctant to share this beautiful gift from self-promotion to recognition, which is often opposed here to the Medoc classification, frozen since 1855!

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