Tuesday, February 22, 2011

During Sainte Bernadette, don't worry, everything’s gonna be alright

Thursday, from 10 am to noon, I had a meeting with the heads of my accounting firm, KPMG, to plan the strategy to prepare my company for that damn St. Emilion classification which imposes strict rules regarding the plots, the operation, etc...

For the lunch we had at my house, we served Goulée 2008 and Commanderie de Mazeyres 2006, both very good. Atmosphere, transcends wine. We also tasted our Fine de Bordeaux. Simple and excellent meal.

At 2:30 pm, INAO meeting at our trade organization’s office regarding the last issues before signing off the new rules for the Saint Emilion classification. The atmosphere was not as tense as I imagined, with almost every questions being answered. I was a bit surprised not to see the usual contrarians getting involved and the grand crus affected and yet notoriously opposed. Anyway, it was a productive meeting, even if I am surprised by the consensus which seemed to prevail?

We had dinner with our Brazilian friends and distributor as well as a famous Spanish producer Raul Perez with his Ultreia 2008 -2009-2007 Bierzo made with the varietal called Mencia. As starter and during the meal: Champagne, Bad Girl 2008 very good, Fleur Cardinale 2004 and 2007, great to drink now, Fayat Thunevin Pomerol 2007, soft, Clos Romanile 2008 with the fine and silky texture of an aristocratic wine, Virginie de Valandraud 2005 found in my cellar (my last bottle… I must buy more), what a beautiful vintage, and Valandraud 2002 which is starting to taste good. This was also the opportunity to check following a disappointing tasting done in Miami at one of my clients.

Goes to show that is not easy to determine when and how a wine is at its best... As the famous last words state “there are no great wines, only great bottles.” Again, and to end, Fine de Bordeaux straight from the barrel...

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