Friday, February 4, 2011

Bottles I recently drank

Clos Badon 1999 in magnum, simply great, with fruit, youthful. I will check if this is due to this Magnum or if the 2 others left are the same !

Bad Girl (2008) which is almost over the stress cause by adding the dosage of liqueur. Looking good for Valentine's day !

Valandraud 1997 in magnum : it keeps its "classical" Bordeaux style, which is not my cup of tea, but, fortunately, many of my friends like that.

Valandraud blanc 2005 : unpleasant phase or end of its life, the great vintages in red are rarely great in white but I remember the forgotten Plantiers Haut Brion 1974 which, more than 10/15 years later was excellent, goes to show...

Valandraud 2000, too bad I don't have any magnums left...
Really good, even if it is not concentrated enough, very elegant, balanced. To drink now.

In addition :

Sassicaïa 2007 , a bit "light"

Pingus 2005 great, a very fine wine

Valandraud 2005 decanted, it holds up, mix of tradition and modernity

Valandraud blanc 2007, always so good

Ruinart blanc de blanc, never disappointed

Trois Marie 2004 served a bit cool, able to wake up the dead, this wine has remarkable energy

And to finish Fine Bordeaux de Valandraud for us to wake up…

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I like your selection of wines! I have quoted your selection on my scrapbook tumblr blog

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