Thursday, November 25, 2010

2011 is already around the corner

Vineobar (in French) published comments on their blog.
It is rare to have an intern (who I have not met) be so active, efficient and involved. He is opening a wine bar and with such energy, no need to have Red Bull for the opening scheduled in 2011.

I tasted Tour des Termes 2009 from the barrel, the wine is even better than during the futures campaign, goes to show the level of this still unknown wine. This year’s objective is for anyone looking to find a reasonable wine in this noble appellation (Saint Estèphe), to discover this wine. The 2010 samples tasted before malolactic were already very good, the wine is full, concentrated, ripe and especially balanced despite or thanks to a sharp pH this year which balance the alcohol level perfectly. I can’t wait to see how it evolves after malos, I am happy that a broker brought it to us, for even though my company is mainly focused on the Right Bank, we already had a few successes with Marojallia and the more discreet Clément Pichon.
While waiting for 2011, success for my property in Margaux where finally Bellevue de Tayac produced a nice bottle.
See you in March.

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