Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thursday, I was invited for lunch at L’Envers du Décor. The restaurant was full and had to refuse people. Coordinating personnel on the floor and in the kitchen as well as customers... is not an easy task.
We had a good meal with Chateau d’Aiguille 2000, always good, 60 Euros on the list, and as always, I saw many colleagues and brokers friends sitting at tables near ours. It is hard not to be noticed, but that’s not the objective when eating at L’Envers du Décor.

I don’t often go to restaurants in Saint Emilion except from time to time to friends’ restaurants (and customers of my wines ): Le Tertre, Le Clocher, La Cadène and of course l’Envers du Décor.

Most of my professional meals are done at my home, as long as Murielle doesn’t find it too inconvenient: the reason being to eat products we like, cooked to our liking and the opportunity to drink our wines to promote them, as well as to drink expensive wines such as Pingus, Harlan, Cheval Blanc, and even Petrus.

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