Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fleur Cardinale

Lunch session at Fleur Cardinale with practical work: 2009 - 2008 and 2005 tasting... There are worse exercise to do.
2009 was great… today. Late cru, which is known, but it has to be taken in consideration during the futures tastings.
2008, just bottled, the most refined and elegant since the 2001 vintage. This 2008 is proof that one can bring together late terroir, power and elegance.
2005 is, of course, a success, is closing up, like many 2005.
For the next harvest, we will do 2 to 3 additional experiments, including integral vinification. Impossible to sleep.

As for my recent readings :
Anna Gavalda « La consolante » : a bignovel, lively, entertaining, funny, sad, astonishing. I was totally into the story.
Laurent Gounelle « L’homme qui voulait être heureux », (The Man who Wanted to be Happy) – in French – Not the best title but the subheading is: « ce que l’on croit peut devenir réalité ! » (what you believe in can become reality)

The futures campaign is ending.

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