Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A good Sunday

On the site of the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, an article written on October 22, 2009 by Arnaud Folch was just published online. The title : « Pieds-Noirs, une blessure française ». (Pieds-Noirs, a French wound).
Some wounds heal poorly, I see from time to time, Pieds-noirs who still have the typical Algerian accent, probably acts of resistance against globalization... It could be a great subject for the baccalaureate exam!

Sunday was Murielle’s birthday celebrated with 2 bottles of Pomerol : 2006 Latour à Pomerol in a classical style we both like, a very good wine, with many memories (inexpensive cases of 1967 bought from the caretaker when it was created and drank a long time ago…) and Bon Pasteur 2002, still so good and paradoxically seldom reviewed. Thank you Dany and Michel Rolland.

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