Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That’s it : he has his doctorate !

Since December 16, 2009, I read this theses : « Le marché des réputations » (the market of reputation)

Even if I find it difficult to read a theses written for a doctorate, this one is a bit more accessible to me as it is about the wine world. As I am not academic, reading (as always on Wikipedia) the definition of doctorate, I now understand why there are so many Doctors in Germany, even though they are not in the medical profession.

Doctors of soul, culture, etc… Too bad that this title is not used in France as I find it somewhat chic.
Baccalaureate +8… while for me, to rephrase other famous wine professionals: call it sand bac (box) or bac minus 3.
Be as it may, nice name for conformism, distinction, to stand out, etc… Or more currently, we can think of the 1855 classification or even 1955 for Saint Emilion.
To quote one of Bernard Ginestet’s quotes taken from his book written in 1975 “la bouteille Bordelaise” (Bordeaux bottle) and published by Flammarion (page 41):
“Woe who has the audacity to want to animate these historical statues mounted on the pedestal of old habits. He will be looked at with surprise and indignation as a maggot in a box of vermicelli”

This shows that you can enjoy reading a theses written for a doctorate (a little bit, once and a while).

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