Monday, December 14, 2009


Reading Terre de Vins and the article written by Jean Marc Quarin, I am beginning to believe that we are going to hear a lot about this 2009 vintage.
In fact, the skin of the grapes, the flesh and the seeds have, without any doubt, reached complete maturity, and this without loosing the flavors, the fruit and the aromas! How is that possible? Can it be repeated ? Can such miracle take place in future vintages ?
Even more astonishing: Isn’t there some connection between this 2009 and the recognized and accepted 2005, and especially for some 2008 Parker predicted against the market and many of his colleagues.
Isn’t strange to imagine that Michel Bettane and Robert Parker with Michel Rolland, were the rare professionals who predicted the 1982 vintage and 2008 which also seems to be criticized by the rest of the industry?

2009 has already convinced the whole industry… why shouldn’t I be happy with François Mauss comments, the president of the Grand Jury Europeen (I asked his permission to publish this) :

« Yesterday, with a couple of friends and a young man passionate with Burgundy, I had dinner at Robert Vifian and family’s Tan Dinh.
Of course, the conversation was about wine, tasters, tastings, Robert Vifian being such a demanding purist.
How this tall and skinny man knows so much? It’s unbelievable.
We open, blind, taste and at some point, Robert comes over the table with a small flask. He pours us black ink (pleonasm). We taste, we look at each other. My host, secretly states “right bank 2009”. Discreetly, he whispers that his wine is even better: you rascal! Go figure!
What are you saying? Malolactics were not even completed, we are experiencing a massive wine in every aspect : finesse, power, flavorful palette, density, elegance, length and many other unusual things.
A sort of concentrate of the best, unbelievable ripe grapes, out of control palate, a powerful monument.
I like the fact that few will believe me, so, I will be able to reserves some with no problems.
Valandraud 2009. I don’t know how it is going to evolve until the primeur, but 2009 is of that caliber, you’re gonna hear about it: you will even have to read the dictionary to find superlatives.”

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