Friday, December 18, 2009

Gallic diet (and not Cretan)

Yesterday evening, we had dinner in Libourne and drank some good wine :

2 Ruinart Blanc de Blanc always good

Then, blind :

1 Pape Clément 2004 delicious, perfect

1 Beauséjour Bécot 2006 totally closed

2 Figeac 2004 good, really, even if both bottles were different. It is, of course, hard to imagine drinking the same wine back to back.

1 Virginie 2004 very good, I found it very feminine, others found it powerful?

1 Yquem 2004 good, of course

Christmas time gives us plenty of opportunities to practice : End of the year lunch with my staff at Comptoir de Genès, and evening, dinner at home with a few friends with a Paella and a few Spanish wines.

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