Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stronger than VINOGUSTO ? Will they replace todays media ?

Snooth is the equivalent of Facebook for wine and was created in 2007. I heard about it only last August 6, 2009 ! In Château de Carles, where a few young guests, not interested in “old” styles of wine showed me the site on their Blackberries or i-pods or whatever sort of hand held device they used!
Wines reviewed are mainly for the American market. (with 600,000 visitors per month, it’s huge).

Why this name. Stronger than Vinogusto. Two days after, I met in my store, l’Essentiel, the creator of Vinogusto, Mr Marc Roisin (his name should have been Raisin (grape in French) !

I wasn’t paying attention to this site Vinogusto which claims to have 500,000 visitors, mainly Europeans, French, Belgium.

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