Friday, May 22, 2009

As simple as a phone call

I’ve been feeling a bit depressed, maybe due to the operation or post primeur campaign, or… who knows what else… in any case, I haven’t been in good form. I had several phone conversations with recent or older friends which gave me a bit of energy. Thanks

Hard to differentiate in our social jobs between deep friendships and those inspired by our so-called social status. Lots has been written about this subject. I am not even clear about my relationships, for I like and even need recognition, respect (and being told!). As work is so much part of me – perhaps it is due to a lack of depth of soul or serenity , empathy, compassion, time spent by my friends are more and more precious. I think I am becoming too old for the show taking place in Bordeaux during the futures releases. Maybe I am affected by Peter’s principle.

On another subject, although… blindness, deafness and loss of memory are symptoms felt by owners of Parkerised crus. Not so long ago, I was also affected by parkerite and it is hard to cure. There are lesser complications with suckling, quarine, and others. A bit of failure, less orders and everything gets back in line (if line exists)!

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Potter said...

i recommend 2 weeks at the beach.....Miami Beach and an ice cold mexican beer ,in the winter of course when the warm breezes are perfect and thousands of miles away from the cold ,i'm buying the first couple of rounds.