Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Château La Dominique and Château Clément Pichon were just released to Bordeaux trade.
Bordeaux brokers sent offers to all the local wholesalers with terms of release. Within the next few days we will start receiving purchase orders from these wholesalers. They probably won’t buy any stock (do they want it and can they?) but only the number of cases needed to fulfill the request from their distribution networks.
Despite the quality of the wine and rather low prices, the economical context and atmosphere are not conducive.
Meanwhile, Chateau Sociando Mallet decided not to release its wine en primeur and Jean Gautreau sent a clear explanation. I also thought about it for Fayat’s properties, but as opposed to Sociando Mallet, we are applying and actively participating in 2 associations (Medoc Crus Bourgeois for Chateau Clément Pichon and Saint Emilion Crus Classés for Chateau La Dominique) and this forces us to a minimum of transparency and coherence with the market, our colleagues and/or the system, even if it has room for improvement, it has proven it can work in difficult vintages.
Still to be released (I believe), La Fleur, Le Pin and Petrus and for us, Pingus (if it ever gets released as future).

Otherwise, if you have a bit of money to spend to buy good wines at a reasonable price, you could consider bottles from the Cercle Rive Droite. The last confidential tasting of 05 from the Grand Jury Européen showed the incredible level of this vintage and how successful Commanderie de Mazeyres and Haut Carles were (included in the top 10).

I read a good article on Jacques Berthomeau’s blog (in French) asking 3 questions to Jacques Dupont. I liked one of the sentences Jacques Dupont wrote :
“The interpretation by a winemakers of a soil proper for growing vines defines the word terroir” (simple, no?)

I also received news from Claude Lada :
"the first interactive guide in China on Bordeaux wine was just born...
and you are included... http://www.bordeaux-wines.fr
you will always amaze us with this delicious Valandraud 2006 TOP 50 BORDEAUX NEWS 2006...
I also have a blog...

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