Friday, February 27, 2009

Travelling with Murielle

I just returned from a 2 weeks trip with Murielle, and as I can’t use a keyboard properly, the blog was mainly busy with comments from readers (and quite busy according to the statistics).
Before writing about my trip to China and India, I would like to share a few thoughts on comments written in the past few days.

1) First of all, I would like to thank Lionel Lateyron for his comment regarding the 100 years anniversary of Libourne’s wine merchant trade union, even if it is hard to read the menu and wine list!

Thank you for writing that freedom of expression wares out if not used. Thank you also for developing with us the future bottle of Bad Girl 2008, Crémant de Bordeaux, unfortunately still so unknown and regulated under strict (maybe too much?) regulations. We could probably help raise it’s awareness with a PR campaign such as CAVA CATALAN or sparkling wine. At least, with a taste for partying, glitters and of course Champagne!

2) Thank you for taking the time to read my comments and take in consideration my views, even if I am not beyond reproach, I love my job and today, I am proud of my name and not the jeers it creates. The proof is with the issues I had with Bad Boy and Mauvais Garçon for the American market (in order to respect the rights of usage in this beautiful and democratic country).

3) I am dealing with tax and audit issues following the refusal from the tax office to consider our appeal. Our lawyer is planning to respond more vigorously, bring in the wine merchant’s trade union and reach out to managers from the tax office and probably public officials, etc.
I understand that taxes have to be paid, but I don’t accept that some individuals overstep their boundaries to impose certain rules!

4) Bruno Gueuning is writing about a subject, I have been talking about for a long time: « real work and speculation » and why consumers are still attracted by Bordeaux wines. The proof can be seen just looking around and I am not talking about the top 100 properties. As if you can resume France with the top 100 families!

In any case, the comments from Jean Noël Hervé from Château Moulin Haut Laroque, and neighbor of Haut Carles, as well as those from François Mauss from the Grand Jury Européen “François, I am not easily offended, but can be a bit quick-tempered, it is not the same thing!”

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