Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I don’t get tired of it

Last Sunday morning at the break of dawn, the birds were already announcing Spring. The nice weather these past days and the fact that no body was in the streets, nor cars, made Saint Emilion seem that it was lost in time. The few roosters in the village were replying to those in Château Troplong Mondot and my dog Max trying to run after rabbits. I still don’t get tired of this town and every day, I appreciate the beauty and chance to settle here in 1994, already…

Good news: Thanks to Christian Dalbavie and Joëlle Bordy, our American colleague and his lawyers for reaching this agreement promptly and avoid lawyers and legal proceedings.
I probably made more concessions than the other party, but the unfortunate experience of having lost a legal battle even though I should have won made me sign 3 agreements concerning trademarks. Even if I believed that the outcome was unjust each time. The energy, money, stress saved are worth making concessions. I believe that it is not the name that makes its notoriety but the quality of the wine and its signature.

I received a copy of the magazine from the Conseil des Vins de Saint Emilion (St Emilion wines council): it talks about futures events celebrating the 10th anniversary of Saint Emilion’s induction in UNESCO’s world heritage.
Andreas Larsson (Best sommelier in the world) includes Virginie de Valandraud and Fleur Cardinale in his special selection.
Also, an article on blending including comments from Michel Rolland, myself, etc… on the village streets and the 2007 vintage.

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