Sunday, February 8, 2009


Here is the comment Jorge Astiz posted last Friday on my blog

Heard on radio Rètges : Tue Le Vin (kill the wine)
By a big winery owner, also in size.

Make “thune” (colloquial for money) with wine, funny no ?

I didn’t like my name when I was a kid, but I like it now. Even if it lends itself to puns, Parker already reported some of the plays with my name he heard like: “Tue le Vin” (kills wine), probably because the wines I make are supposed to be too concentrated, too easy, mostly made for the American palate, the Russians and the Chinese, and not enough for educated connoisseurs who understand terroir, bla, bla, bla…
All of this makes me forget “Tu ne viens or Tu ne viens pas” (Are you coming or not) used by some of my teachers in school (that’s why I sat next to the radiator) or even “gagne-pain” (earning) from a client at Crédit Agricole bank where I worked. Without forgetting the pretty “turne à vin” from my friend Francis Gaboriaud. What about you Jorge, which pun was invented to make fun of you?

On another subject, I prepared this little text just in case…
Pseudo schmuck: to paraphrase Michel Bettane, when readers of my blog don’t agree with me, don’t share my opinion and my taste, why don’t they sign their real name? Using a pseudo name to hide shows their lack of self-esteem. We are in France, the land of democracy (yes, yes), and the internet allows incredible freedom, even making jokes on my blog, being (a bit) aggressive, mocking, etc… So what? If I fell I go out of bounds, nothing prevents me from erasing it. Which I haven’t yet needed to do.

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