Monday, February 9, 2009

The 100 years anniversary of the Syndicat des Négociants du Libournais


Below, a few pictures and the menu of the 100 year anniversary of Libourne’s wine merchant’s trade union.

Jean-Luc asked me to write this comment on his blog, but I feel that my palate is not as good as his and as I would say, freedom of expression wears out if not used…
Would it be politically incorrect to write that the dose of disgorging liquor for this Bollinger was out of balance for the finish had too much “honey” flavor!
This introduction out of the way, it is especially important to point out that the trade union survived 2 wars and a big and real crisis. The one from 1929 didn’t spare the poorest people. The current one, despite the pessimism, will clean up the economical system which definitely needs it. In addition, only France feel’s this guilt about its wines, while subsidizing handsomely the anti-alcohol lobby. Isn’t it a cultural product which we should be proud of ?! Lets give Professor Got the complete collection of Baudelaire’s work… Finally, despite that time for wishes is over, I have one more : that the people in charge of writing the new guidelines for the 450 AOC, which still don’t exist, remember the complexity of our terroirs, climates and varietals where Cheval Blanc 2001 was the only one expressing it fully. Can they be persuaded!

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