Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Lets speak ratings : everyone can check and compare all sorts of notes and statistics on the site of Bertrand Le Guern :

Friday, May 4, tasting in Hamburg in the Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank, of Valandraud 2004 to 1995 for a few German journalists and professionals (16). It is the 3rd time that I participate to this sort of tasting and I think that the level and consistency of my wines impressed my partners, especially if you take into account the different terroirs, since the 2000 vintage, the clayey limestone one from the Saint Etienne de Lisse plateau and sandy gravel one from Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens.

I think that my order of preference was: 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2004 (yes, yes). Only the 1996 bottle had already reached its peak.

The organization was perfect, very professional, natural light, wines temperature controlled (16° C), glasses clean and neat, rinsed with steam and view on the center of Hamburg.

During the buffet and aperitif, presentation of a Bordeaux cuvee I produced for our partners “La Place de Bordeaux” (the Bordeaux trade) which was well received. The consumer price being under 10 euros should make it a great success.

Incredible meal for dinner in an Italian restaurant, the San Michele, I don’t know how many different dishes were served, at least more than in China and I never drank and tasted so many Rieslings! Besides these 2 names: Riesling Von Buhl 1989 Auslese Trocken (Very good) and a Schlossgut Diel 1983 Spatlese (very pure), the 15 other bottles were each time for me a surprise.

The journalist Mario Scheuermann had the good idea to ad a Champaign Grand Corton 1985 from Mumm, absolutely delicious, and now I am starting to like old Champaign!

Well, in any case, traveling is not yet over: I leave on Tuesday very early morning for Shanghai and Canton, back Sunday, to participate to the Sial with Laurent and Xin and meet a few importers.

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