Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy birthday Virginie!

Friday 25 in the evening, instead of celebrating her birthday (30 years old), Virginie organized a surprise party!

In the afternoon, we visited our property in Margaux (Bellevue de Tayac) and especially Pauillac to be inducted into the Commanderie du Bontemps of Médoc and Graves, Sauternes and Barsac, with a friend as sponsor (jean-Michel Cazes), but I will write more about it later . After this medocaine visit and as soon as we got back to Saint Emilion, Virginie brought us to the party she organized for my birthday (April 13). After picking up a friend she asked me to follow her car to Montpon Menestrol in Dordogne, to the bar-restaurant “Le Petit Prince” which I opened in 1981 with a partner. Inside, 40 people: childhood friends, family, employees surprised me. Murielle and I were totally surprised, especially as we had no clues.

Nice dinner, the current owners kept the place exactly the way we had created it. Guest brought bottles one after the other (Torus 2003 from Alain Brumont and Mangot 2002 Cuvée Quintessence). At midnight, some of us drove to the night club where I used to DJ: the Tackouk, in Pizou, where my parents had a farm. I spent there part of my youth (from 1968 to 1983) as a customer and also employee (coatroom, bar and especially DJ, I already enjoyed speaking in a microphone… which goes to show…)

We went to bed at 3 am, still dealing with my jetlag. A late morning was mandatory! Well, in any case, it was a great evening organized by my daughter and my friends. Of course, Jean Paul, Martine, Sylviane, Pierre, Edmond and us were like nostalgic veterans, but our youth is still in our heart and even our glasses don’t prevent us from seeing the bright side of life.

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