Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finally! Back!

1 day delay! In New York, after spending 3 hours in the Air France plane waiting for a hydraulic system to be repaired… We all left the plane at 11 pm, and despite the friendly staff, there was no serious support to help us with the reserved hotels.

It looked like an Exodus… the Air France customers were left on their own, and no special attention was given to the 1st class passenger: They were staying in the same place as everyone, in a shabby and sad hotel, like in Paris, where the 4 star chosen for me had sheets so old and used from too many laundry that they had holes!

Well, I know that the priority is security, but when you are exhausted from the journey, jetlag, stress and the expensive price for a business class ticket, it would be nice not to treat your customers like a piece of luggage!

Other than that, the futures campaign has barely started, and is struggling for lack of visibility and pragmatic prices?

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