Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The glass half full or half empty

Thursday, May 3

The notes from Parker are currently being analyzed by everyone, pros and anti Parker. The 2005 vintage was reconfirmed as a whole which will certainly give a new boost to the sales of the last batches available and increase the prices for the whole vintage, even if they are already very expensive. The good “surprise” comes from the good notes given to many 2006, even if, in my opinion, this will not have a great impact on sales if the prices are not adapted. We will see.

It gave me great pleasure to see many of my friends getting good notes, as well as sadness to see wines under-rated or not even rated, even though I am certain of there quality. Perhaps, and I hope, that Parker will note other 2006, and I am certain that La Dominique or Haut-Carles, and many more, will be good deals for us consumers before they become for us wine merchants.

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